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Ace clipper

No need to use nippers! Quick!!

Ace clipper is mainly composed of parts feeder section, which automatically select and supply clip and Hoe & Clip insert mechanism, which automatically enlarge clip and clamps when hose is inserted.
Hold a hose with your hand and insert through a clip. Them it automatically starts and a clip is clamped to a hose. After that, when you remove a hose, next clip is set to a insert position automatically by its mechanism. It is a revolutionary product for hose clip insert work, which even though it is a light work, a nipper must be used and requires high skill.
Standard configuration
Power supply AC100V / AC200V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Air pressure used 294 - 392kPa (3 - 4kgf/cm2)
Suitable clip size
We will decide a suitable size based on the sample works.*
Suitable hose size
We will decide a suitable size based on the sample works.*
Bowl size φ350mm
Paint color
Color : Cream color
Parts feeder : Green
Equipment weight Approx. 1470N (150kgf)
How to start Insert hose by workers
Hose insert angle (Against floor) 45°
Hose insert length Fixed type, flexible type (0 - 50mm)
Cycle time Approx.1 - 2 sec./pcs *Depends on the nature of work
Option Hopper: 9L

* In ordering
We manufacture Ace Clipper according to clip and hose shape you request. In ordering or considering an order, please consult our sales department showing your sample works.

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