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We bring the ultimate nut feeder to your work space.

With its "Nut rolling selection" system, we can supply nuts stably and firmly.
Suitable for a small working space environment (Smallest and lightest in the industry).
Sky type does not require installation space.
We are pursuing clean environment and low noise.
Power consumption 20W, Noise from the body 62dB

High performance With newly developed nut selection method, we can supply nuts easily, firmly and stably.
Nuts will supplied at the highest speed of over 800mm/sec.
Small Body size was reduced to 1/8. It does not require installation space.*
Quiet It has no vibration or sliding noise and noise can be cut by 30%.
It is as quite as in office.*
Energy saving Power consumption was reduced 85% to 20W. It is energy-saving type, which can save both electricity and air.*
Easy operation You can supply at hands. Also, it is maintenance-free type.

*Compared with our previous model.
You can see the actual movement from movie.
(Approx. 56 sec/4.73MB)


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Sky type Stand type Stand type, which is installed on floor uses air feed system.
(Standard length for feed chute is 2m)
Sky type Stand type
Standard configuration
Power supply AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
Power consumption 20W
Air pressure used 0.3 - 0.4MPa
Supply capacity 50pcs/minute*1
Supply angle Approx. 30° - 50° (Against floor)*2
Supply length 165mm *3
Suitable nuts M5 - M10 Square nuts (Material: Electromagnetic)*4
Nut capacity M6 Square nut Approx. 2,000 pcs
M8 Square nut Approx. 1,500 pcs *5
Body paint color Light gray
Noise level Whole equipment: 70dB (Body: 62dB)
Equipment weight
SKY FEEDER Body : 10kgf
Supply head : 3kgf
Attachment lug : 5.2kgf

*1. Maximum value for M6 square nut and does not include welding time.
*2. Option from 0° is available.
*3. Represent the length from the tip of supply head. The standard stroke for air cylinder is 200mm.
*4. Please consult for staff for M5 and M10 nut or special shape nuts.
*5. M8 square nut can be accommodated approx. 5,000 pcs with an optional hopper attached.

All specifications are subject to change without notice,due to Yajima's policy of continuous improvement.

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