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Electromagnetic system (Yajima system) nut feeder

Our original electromagnetic system is used for supply heads, which enables stable supply of nuts. In this system, it is easy to control direction of square nuts etc. Recently, we are selling air escape type, which does not require escapement equipments. You can choose from our wide variety of products.


Single feed type
Double feed type

Double feed type can perform various functions by itself. We have a wide variety of double feed type.

1.  Single feed type ... It can feed 2 nuts at any time and to any places.
2.  Simultaneous feed type ... It can feed 2 nuts simultaneously to any places.
3.  Alternative feed type ... It can feed 2 nuts alternatively to any places.
4.  Switch feed type ... Suitable in cases in which 2 kinds of nuts are switched for each lot of products.

*For 1, 2, and 3 you can use combination of different sizes of square nuts.
Single feed type Desk top type  L type
Single feed type Desk top type L type
Standard configuration
Power supply AC100V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Max 250 - 400VA
Nut shapes which can be used Square, round. Hexagon, T, dome, with cover, with rib, collar etc.
Air pressure used 0.25 - 0.4MPa
Sizes M4 - M12, 7/16, etc.
Bowl size φ260mm, φ350mm
Hopper capacity 9L (Approx. 10,000 pcs for M6 nut)
Supply capacity 40 - 60pcs/minute for single feed M8 square nuts
Supply chute length 2m
Angle (Against floor) 0° - 90°
Equipment weight
Single feed type body : Type S (50kgf)
Type L (90kgf)
Supply head: 3kgf
All specifications are subject to change without notice,due to Yajima's policy of continuous improvement.

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